Springtime at Pike Place Market

There's really nothing like fresh, sweet berries to brighten up an otherwise grey day. Fortunately, there's Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA, a veritable playground of fresh produce and local food stuffs.  Boy, did I wish I could take everything home with me!

Breathtaking Pond in Japan

Happy Friday! Right now I'm daydreaming about beautiful places I've never been to. Even though I've spent a good amount of time traveling around the country and the world (lucky part of my working life) there are still so many places to discover. It's inspiring to go to a new place to see what people can do with their own cache of ingenuity and resources! That energy lifts you up. On the flip side, witnessing a place formed by nature, apparently untouched, not formed by human hands nor could it be, is an experience that grounds you. It says, Hey don't worry because it's not all in your hands. It feels light and humbling at the same time.

This pond is in Hokkaido, Japan. It changes colors every day. I first came across these images in National Geographic, photos by Kent Shiraishi.

Location: Biei in Hokkaido,Japan.